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Custom Order Number One

I’m a posting machine at the moment. Two posts in as many days. Setting a dangerous precedent.

Moving swiftly on from unreasonable expectations of regular content creation, I just finished my first official custom order for Undercover Owl!

A triumvirate of triumphantly terrific toppers

Three hats for Judith who is going on a Scout trip to Italy. They were supposed to be lined with tricolores but I just couldn’t make it work so instead they have a really vibrant red cotton on the inside.

Ta dah!

It’s been a while since I’ve made anything not related to knitting/crocheting/general fibre manipulation so it was quite nice making hats again. I made a bunch of them last year and we sold most of them at a couple of local summer festivals. People always like hats and it’s hard to find ones in interesting fabric, I guess.

Since it is an absolutely glorious day, I shall toddle to the post office with the kids this morning and send these little fellows on their way, then perhaps go find something fun to do with the rest of the day.

Have a lovely Monday!


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