It’s not quite August but since  The Bothered Owl has all but come to an end – final blog posts are a-brewing for both Alex and I – I thought it was finally an appropriate time to begin blogging over here.

A quick introduction for new readers not familiar with my previous blog.

My name is Sarah, I used to sew bags and various other bits and bobs as part of The Bothered Owl. I’ve just set up my own shop over at Folksy as Undercover Owl.

Appearing regularly on the blog are the owlettes, a triple whirlwind of noise and chaos, unrivalled in nature for their powers of destruction.

Orlaith and Esme


Elias. At least this one holds vaguely still for now.

These three regularly hi-jack the blog with tales of adventures various, often craft related.

Introductions done.

I’m still in the process of building my shop over at Folksy. There’s lots of knitting bags uploaded already with much more to come. I’ve got some of my fabric uploaded to the stash page, sans labels at the moment.  I’m very much still at the stage of putting the furniture in order and unpacking the metaphorical moving van.

Still, while you’re here let me offer you a cup of tea or a coffee:

Tea and coffee stitch markers. Real ceramic mugs/cups.

No? How about a beer?

Pint of lager?


Fondant fancies


Mmm. Kebabulous. Ba-dum-bum-ching!

Maybe just a bit of fruit then?

Fruit Salad, yummy, yummy.*punches a Wiggle*


These should be available from the shop as soon as I finish dusting down the non-existent shelves.

In the meantime, get comfy and make yourselves at home.

Sarah 🙂




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2 responses to “Introducing…

  1. Well hello! I’ll start stalking you over here then 🙂

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