Summer Holidays, A New Found Love and a Custom Order

Been too busy making things and playing with the kids to blog about it. Sorry!

The summer holidays are in full swing which means I am on 24 hour small peep entertainment duty -although I’ve been popping in and out of Twitter because I’ve turned from being a Twitter-phobe to a bit of a junkie, Some days it’s my only way of having a conversation with someone older than 5!

Which brings me to the new found love: Baker Ross. FREAKING AWESOME. How I did not know of this magic wonderland of craft supplies is a totaly mystery but my wallet is grateful I only just discovered it.

I have managed to steal a few minutes here and there for doing actual work.

The shop’s now open and at least partly up to date, though I’ve not yet had a chance to snap pics of the needle rolls and envelopes. Soon, soon.

I’ve been cutting up fabric for a couple of very special upcoming projects which I cannot tell you anything about YET for they are SUpaSEkRiT. And I’ve been making up some of the newest batch of tea and coffee cups into markers.

What I wanted to show you today was a custom order I just finished for Katherine. It’s a swift cover.

For those who don’t knit, crochet or spin, a swift is a thing you use for winding skeins of wool into balls so you can knit without tying yourself in knots or strangling people. They are Most Useful. You can buy beautiful ones which are handmade right here in the UK by the lovely people at Sunflower Swifts.

They’re gorgeous and Katherine has one and needs a bag to keep it and some nostepinnes in. A nostepinne is for winding wool on when you’re spinning. Or so I understand. I belong not to the class and genus known as ‘spinner’.

We talked dimensions and Katherine told me exactly what she wanted and I went away and designed it and here it is!

Black sheep!

Katherine fell for the sweet little sheep fabric in my stash and needed the bag to be big enough to hold a 15 inch by 6 inch swift and some other bits.

Long pockets on the outside to hold nostepinnes.

Check out my new labels!

Two little pockets on the inside to hold the swift pegs.

Square bottomed base.

All in all I’m pleased with how it’s turned out.

And now I must get back to the play gulag. We’re off to the park in a bit to have a picnic with Alex, Scott, Anna (onehandknits) and her partner Tim. We’ve made cheesy scones and Anna has been making food all day!

Sarah 🙂

PS As always, if you have an idea for something you’d like me to make for you, do please get in touch. Custom orders are what keep my brain in working order these days. Every new thing  I make is a learning curve and it helps keep me from turning into a dribbling, nurery rhyme singing, CBeebies watching vegetable.




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