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Slow and Steady

I’ve got a lovely big pile of bags for the collaboration with The Knitting Goddess building up on my table in the backroom.


Giant tub-o-bags

I’ve made 19 so far. Which means I’m almost halfway there. I’m really pleased as it means I’ve been able to stick to my goal of about 10 bags a week. It also means that in about 2 weeks I should be finished all of them and have them ready to send to Joy. Which is great because that then leaves me clear to focus on all the other bits and bobs I have to do to get ready for Fibre Flurry.

I thought I’d tell you a bit more about the fabric Joy and I chose for the bags because it’s all really cool stuff.

The Happy Feet one is fairly self explanatory. It’s a gorgeous, brightly coloured print of tiny baby socks on washing lines.

Very happy feet

I love the bright childish colours and the cute wee socks make it the perfect choice for sock knitting pouches. Of course. I can’t decide which pair are my favourites. They’re all just so cute.

Next up is the Knitmare fabric. It’s like the Holy Grail of fabrics for me. It’s from a line of fabric produced by Michael Miller featuring crafty disasters. They also did one (which I have a metre of, somewhere) called Knit Pirates, which features a skull and crossed knitting needles. It’s awesome.

This one is called Knitmare on Elm Street. It’s rather fabulous and it features a series of excellent knitting related disasters. Viz:

I love the disgruntled look on the child’s face. My kids are going to look at me like this one of these days. I also love that the skeleton is holding a book that reads ‘Quick & Easy Knitting Projects’. Snicker. We’ve all been there.

It’s a really hard fabric to get hold of. Alex and I spent ages searching for it everywhere and never found it. Then about a fortnight before Knit Nation, there it was!  Joy really liked it too and I love the yarn she’s come up with to match it. Lovely muted chocolatey browns. Yum.

And then there’s my favourite one, the Day of The Dead. I just love this fabric. I originally bought this fabric, not long after I had Esme, intending to make myself a dress with it. And never got around to it because it would have involved me learning to do fiddly alterations. So it languished in my stash, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper, occasionally taken out and sighed over and then put away.

It’s glorious. Full of colours you just wouldn’t think would work together, like red, turquoise, orange and lilac.

So genteel!

And then it’s tea stained as well, so all those colours gain a wonderful muted quality. And oh how I love those skeletons!

Each section of the fabric shows the skeletons going about their daily business and they’re just so charming.

I’ve tried to frame each fabric to get the most out of each one and so that each bag will be slightly different.

I’ve still got a way to go before they’re all finished but it feels like I’ve gotten off to a good start. Two bags a day, five days a week. Soon adds up.

Next up I have to conquer the mountain of fabric I’ve yet to put interfacing on.


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