Competition Winners, Belgium and Finished Objects

Hallo there! Remember me? *waves* Been off on the old Family Summer holiday and my camera battery died, hence the dearth of blogginess round here. For what’s a blog without photos? Luckily my camera’s now fixed so here we are.

You may recall that last time I had some yarns up for grabs in return for charity donations. There were 7 lovely people who entered the contest and each one of them got at least one skein of yarn. The winners were: Sadie, Bronagh, Emma W, Emma P, Renee, Tahra and Muffin. Each of them have, as far as I know, received their parcels. I hope they liked their shiny new yarn, I was so pleased to send it off to such fab new homes!

I didn’t get a chance to write up the sending of the parcels because I was so caught up in getting everything ready to leave for the Big Family Holiday the following day.

Looking super cool with Lamby and Baby Moosey in tow

That’s about the only photo I actually got of the two of them as they basically didn’t stand still for the rest of the week. They were two very busy girls with cousins to play with, waterslides to try out, pools to splash in and a massive soft play area to master. They had a brilliant time.

Meanwhile my week was very quiet and reflective. I spent most of it like this:

This is my Knitting Face

as I puzzled my way through my friend Anna’s latest sock pattern: These Feet Are Smokin\’ Socks. Anna had knitted the first one and then she kindly passed on the rest of the yarn and suggested I might like to knit one to match. She knows I have… issues with things matching, especially socks, so she gave me very clear instructions on how she did things, how many rows she did etc etc so that I could Get It Right.

I had so much fun knitting my sock!

Candle Tree

Seriously. I’m a sock junkie but I often find I knit socks almost by rote. I’m knitting them because they’re useful and I want something to occupy my hands. But these were just so engaging. I learned LOADS from the pattern, lots of new techniques – some of which I am going to force Anna to give me a tutorial on, like the tuck stitch bind off which I completely stuffed up.

Anyway here are some photos of my lovely new socks!

Mine's on the left, Anna's on the right

You may notice that my sock is ever so slightly bigger than the one Anna knitted! But somehow I will overcome my irrational prejudice against knitting mismatching footcoverings and just wear the damn things.

But wait, there’s more! I finished off a cardigan before I went on holidays. A February Lady Sweater in black. Here it is being blocked:

It’s been pinned out on my work table for the last few days and it’s still damp. I’m hoping it’ll stretch a little as I may have underestimated my *ahem* generous chest endowments and pre-blocking it was a tad snug. Encouragement to continue to try to shed a few inches, eh!

Finally, here’s a little pirate I made a few weeks ago, as a last minute birthday gift for one of Esme and Orlaith’s friends.


Took me about an hour and most of that was taken up with having to re-do his head. Because the first one I made was a teensy bit small in proportion to the rest of his body. The disembodied rejected head is floating around on the floor in the backroom being used as  a toy by the cats. It’s somewhat disconcerting.

The completed pirate was apparently a hit and the recipient’s mum informs me he’s been named Jack. He’s also won a toy turf war with the previous favourite incumbent and is introduced to all visitors to the house. I’m quite proud of him. I might even do a tute or something. I have plans to make some more, when I get a little time. Hahaha, she laughed hollowly.

Anyway, now I believe we are just about all up to date. I will at some point show you photos of the new things I’ve cast on for, as I seem to be suffering from a case of startitis at the moment. I’ve also got quite a few exciting new things to show you. But for now, I am off to bed.





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