More tea, Vicar?

Just wanted to quickly share some photos of some new items I’m going to be trying out. The lady who makes the cake beads and who puts the tea, coffee and beer in their various tiny receptacles, mentioned that she had some other things I might be interested.

Miniature vintage teapots!

I love these SO MUCH. They’re really awesome and I’ll be wiring them up for the shop anon.

The other thing she makes is miniature tea sets. As in teapot, milk jug with milk, teacup with tea in it and a tiny sugar bowl complete with sugar lumps.

How cute are they? I have a couple of these as a trial thing.

I’ve got lots more tea and coffee cups to load into the shop, plus I’ll finally be photographing and listing all the remaining needle storage stuff, hopefully this week.

Now the owlettes are back at school/preschool I should have a bit more time to play with, although a lot of that time will be taken up with the super secret projects I’m working on. More on that anon…


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