Shiny New Fabric and My First Solo Show

Have a sneaky peek at some of the gorgeous fabric I’ve picked up.

I have a metre of each of these. I’ve got loads more new fabrics but I thought I’d share these for now.

I’ll try and pop up some more fabric pics anon. If you’re paying attention you will have seen that the exhibitor list for Fibre Flurry has been announced and Undercover Owl is on it! My first solo show 🙂

Not entirely solo, because Anna of Onehandknits will be joining me and some of her patterns will be available on the stand. (She may even have a very special brand new pattern to share with us and some of the fabric I’ve got tucked away may just be intended to match it. But more on that another time.)

If you want to pre-order anything for the show, just get in touch. I’m always more than happy to make custom stuff and if you’re coming to the show anyway, you can save yourself the postage costs!


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