Baby Owlet

I finished a thing! It’s a thing, I finished it.

This jumper fills me with glee, The Food. You have done well. Now bring me my toes.

The pattern is by the lovelyKate Davies and it was a really lovely easy knit. Well, I say easy. I learned stuff from doing it and I got to practise cabling and joining sleeves and so on. It’s well written, easy to follow and was exactly what I needed to knit right now.

I liked knitting it so much that I’ve agreed to knit one each for Orlaith and Esme. In fact, I finished darning in the ends on Elias’ one last night and cast on straight away for Esme’s! Take a wild stab in the dark what colour Princess Esme Anise may have chosen for herself. Not quite sure how I ended up with one girl who’s a dinosaur hunting, tree climbing pirate and one who is a pink obsessed, dragon fighting, monster biting princess, but I did.

And now I am off to try to formulate a post about the nature of crafting and handmaking.




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