And the wiener is….

ME! I am the wiener!

I should preface this post by saying that I never, ever win anything. Not even board games with my husband who has a preternatural ability to roll sixes. (I’m not saying he’s made an unholy alliance with Lucifer in order to beat me at Ludo. Just that there’s a certain odour of sulphur in the air and it gets very warm when we play.)

The kids seem to be slightly more lucky than I am and slightly less lucky than their Dad. So, Orlaith won a prize at the preschool raffle last year. But she missed out on the big Proper Prizes and got the first pick of the jumble. She chose an egg timer shaped like a chicken and was utterly delighted.

But me, I never win anything.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I received an email from Sally at Fabric Rehab to say that I had won their Grand Opening Giveaway. It took at least an hour before I stopped squealing and jumping around and muttering “I won! I actually won something! Me, I am the winner! HAHAHAHA!” and things of that nature. Jake thought I’d gone completely bonkers. Not a particularly illogical conclusion, really.

Anyway, regular readers of this and The Bothered Owl’s old blog will know I absolutely love Fabric Rehab. I seriously cannot plug them enough. I use a lot of fabric retailers to source the fabric I use in my bags and they’re all wonderful but F.R. just have such an amazing selection and everything I order from them arrives incredibly promptly, beautifully wrapped and… well, I just love them.

Enough blethering and fangirling. Want to see some photos of my prize? It just arrived at my front door and I am pants wettingly excited to show what I scored!

A great big box...

of pink wrapped....



This is such a generous prize. There’s two enormous stash bundles full of the most amazingly beautiful fabric.

Stack One


Stack Two

Even the ribbons are beautiful *sigh*

And I already have plans for this fabric. Something for two beautiful, very patient young Owlettes who lately have been sighing over every piece of fabric that comes into the house and asking me to make them a dress, or some overalls (dungarees?) or new shorts and yet who never seem to have anything new made just for them. This fabric shall be all theirs!

See. Lucky, just like their Dad. And now, just like me!


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