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Leaving in a … small car?

Not quite the same ring as ‘on a jet plane’ but it IS factually correct. Because: TODAY IS FIBRE FLURRY DAY!


Actually, I am not panicking too much. I’m pretty sure that between Anna and I, we have it all under control.

My stock is packed, her patterns are printed. Today is all for packing changes of clothes, table cloths and dressing for the stall and actually getting to Birmingham.

It’s all good.

So, a couple of quick things before I head off.

First, and most important, I am bringing my laptop with me. There’s wifi at the venue, so we should be able to take Paypal payments, if people feel comfortable with that. I’m just too small a business to be able to justify getting a card reader thingy for credit cards, but I am happy to enable your purchasing by the power of Paypal! *cue evil laugh etcetera*

The shop’s closed for now and will re-open sometime next week.

Anna will have loads of her patterns, old and some brand new, available on the stand and I’ve got bags to match most of them! There’ll be TARDISocks, the two London patterns from Knit Nation, and (the ones I am most excited about) some Firefly themed ones. I have a couple of Firefly themed bags, featuring cartoon style images of the characters from the show. Anna also has a couple of gorgeous Halloween-y shawl patterns as well. I love the new Pumpkin Patch shawl.   So make sure you come and check out her samples and pick up a pattern. Or two!

You can check out her Ravelry pages here:

or her own website can be found here.

I’ll do my best to do a short update with pics of the stall once it’s set up and so forth, for those who can’t attend. And I’ll try and make sure I go round and get some pics of the show as well. I am gibbering with excitement, I didn’t get to go last year as I was pregnant and struggling a bit to get around. I have no plans for stash enhancement. But then I never do!

I shall leave you with a quick couple of pics, taken on my phone camera (sorry) as the camera battery wasn’t charged.

The suitcase of wonder. The main wonder is that I managed to fit everything inside it.

My trusty suitcase, ram-jam-packed with needle rolls, envelopes and bags. All the stitch markers have been carefully tucked inside the fabric to cushion them in their travel cases.

And a little sneaky peek of my new bag. I’m calling it the hooky pouch for now. If anyone can come up with something less clunky, feel free to suggest it. My brain is currently non-functional from pre-show bag making frenzy.

Hooky pouches!

Not sure how clearly you can see the details but each sock-sized pouch has a lovely thick cotton webbing strap attached to it with a bronzed D ring. I’ve put a bronzed swivel hook on the other end of the strap. You can hook the swivel to the D ring to make a wrist strap. Because the strap is partly detachable, rather than sewn in a permanent loop, you can also attach it to things like your handbag strap or wrap it round your belt. I’ve stuck with sock sized pouches for now but obviously if you wanted one on a larger pouch, I could make one for you.

I’ll have 8 of these useful little lovelies for sale at the show, so do come along and check them out in person.

And, last thing, we’ll be tucked up near/next to Joy from the Knitting Goddess who will have the remaining bag and yarn sets from our collaboration on her stall. There are a few sets left, so do come and say hi and check them out.

Okay. I think that’s everything. I’m off to go check and re-check my List of Things To Do Today and continue remembering to breathe until Anna comes to collect me and Elias!


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