I’m in a frenzy of finishing things at the moment. Sewing in the mornings and then in the evenings either making stitch markers or taking some time out to knit.

I’ve been quite enjoying taking the time to actually make some things for myself or for the kids. A lot of the time I’m so busy making things for the business that I don’t take time to knit or sew for us. Hence me reserving that fabric I won for the kids. Still haven’t cut any of it out, but they know it’s ringfenced for them and they’re already plotting what they want me to make for them. Orlaith wants a quilt like the one in the Joan Aiken shortstory about Mrs Noot and her magic patchwork quilt. Coincidentally, that story was one of the key factors that led to me learning to sew!

Anyway, I digress. I wanted to show you a picture of my latest finished object, a Revontuli shawl. I’ve not really gotten into making shawls until now but I’ve had this one queued up on Ravelry for a Very Long Time and have done nothing with it.

A shawl and a cat or two

The yarn is a mixture of two skeins I picked up at Knit Nation this year. I didn’t see a huge amount that was Have to Have It this year – I’m learning restraint. But I did spot and fall in love with the most beautiful green sock yarn from Nimu Yarns and it just happened to go really well with this TARDIS inspired skein of Deeply Wicked from Easy Knits. What’s a girl to do?

I love that the green yarn has actually got beautiful flecks of blue green mixed into it which match perfectly with the blue yarn. Both yarns are incredibly soft and the shawl/scarf is very snug to nestle into as I’m stomping down the road on the preschool run.

Only problem is that Esme has fallen in love with it and keeps wanting to wear it as a superhero cape as she scoots to preschool!





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2 responses to “Revontuli

  1. I’d forgotten that you had cats…

    • Kitty and Merlin 🙂 We’ve had them for about 9 months now. They’ve settled in brilliantly and we love them! They were a good decision. Although they are both absolute toads, as you can see in the picture. Kitty wouldn’t stop fawning over the shawl and Merlin just blanks you, unless you happen to encounter her when she wants affection.

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