How does it feel, to live in the park on an island?

*sings It’s just right for us, it’s adventurousssssss!


If you have a small child and live in the UK you will probably already know to what I refer. TheAdventures of Abney and Teal is a new show on CBeebies and the owlettes are totally in love. It is right up their alley, and mine too.

I like the aesthetic of it. The characters are great and I think they very gently push the gender envelopes nicely: Abney is very reflective and thoughtful; he is fond of sitting and reading; he collects things and is slightly timorous. He makes things and collects things. Teal is all fired up and ready for adventure. She lives in the top of a tree under an umbrella and is constantly out exploring. She is NOT a princess and she doesn’t wear just pink. Hurrah!

They use Proper Language and each episode has a simple, clear storyline that is easy for a small child to follow. And it has the Bagpuss dreamy quality to it with just the right hint of magic mixed with the way children play and make things become Real. I normally loathe most of the CBeebies fare but this one is most pleasing.

Anyway, both the girls are smitten and Esme in particular loves Teal and wants me to make her ‘a great big Teal head’ to wear. Heh.

Can’t do that but I have made her a Teal-inspired dress. She picked the fabrics, she picked the embellishments. I found the pattern and voila!

It’s lovely velvetty purple corduroy:

with gigantic patchpockets and applique flowers:

I modified the pattern so the dress is reversible (if I sew on a couple more buttons) and the inner dress looks like this:

I still have to hem the bottoms of both dresses but given how long it took me to pry it back off her, I think she approves. I may well be insane for spendin a whole afternoon’s craft time on this, 2 weeks before Fibre Flurry but, oh! The smile on that face.  Worth every hated applique stitch.

Next challenge: figuring out how to knit Orlaith an Abney scarf!

I draw the line at learning fair isle to recreate his jumper.



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3 responses to “How does it feel, to live in the park on an island?

  1. Madi

    I love Orlaiths cardigan. What pattern is it

    • Um. This is very embarrassing but it’s a Marks & Spencer’s one that Jake bought for her the other year!
      I know, shocking, a knitter letting her kids wear non-handknitted clothing 😛 I expect to be exiled from the knitting community forthwith 🙂

  2. Jo

    Love the dress, so cute. My kids are obsessed too! Have recently attempted a knitted Neep
    Kids are delighted, Teal next I think, or maybe Bop… Decisions decisions!

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