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The bags that were Sept-ober

(With sincerest apologies to both GK Chesterton and Neil Gaiman for the butchered title. )

So, want to see what the last 5 or 6 weeks of my life looks like?

I spent all of Sunday evening and most of Monday afternoon choosing ribbons to match the bags.

And here are all 45 of the bags I sent off this morning, in all their glory. (Before you query my mathematics, I sent Joy the first three I made several weeks ago, for photography purposes. There are 48 in total.)

That is a hell of a lot of bags. Oh boy, yes.

They’re wending their way to Joy’s house even as I type where they shall be partnered up with their matching yarn. For those who have pre-ordered, your bag and yarn will be sent out so you should (post permitting) wake up to a lovely yarny treat on the Saturday morning of Fibre Flurry. Just to comfort you if you can’t attend.

Meanwhile, I really need to learn not to be so hard on myself. I was berating myself earlier for being a slacker, because I hadn’t really made anything much this week. And then I sat down and made four bags this evening! Looking at these photos serves to remind me that while I may not be as quick as I was pre-Elias’ arrival, I’m still getting it done. I also probably need to be slightly less of a workaholic 😛

I should have some exciting photos of my new design to show you tomorrow – if I get time! I finished the first of them this afternoon and I’m hoping to have a few ready in time for people to have a look at at Fibre Flurry. Ooh, tantalising!

But for now, I’m off to bed, basking in the glow of a pretty good day’s work.

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