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Quick question and some shiny things

I’m working on my stall design for the near looming Fibre Flurry. (Ooh, butterflies! One week to go!)

I’m trying to decide how to display and sell my stitch markers.

Big box of shiny things.

For The Bothered Owl we used to have a mixture of some themed pre-packaged sets of four and litle dishes for picking and mixing your own. It always looked colourful and people seemed to like to have the ability to rifle through the lot and choose whichever markers they wanted.

Soooo, audience participation time. A quick poll:

With that out of the way, it’s time for  The Shiny Things I’ve Been Making For Fibre Flurry: The Stitch Marker Edition.

There’ll be quite a diverse range of markers on offer.

Sweet owls, ladybirds, coffee mugs, teapots and tea cups

I’ve gone for a fairly eclectic mix, similar in a way to my taste in fabrics. I’ve tried to find a range of quirky and ever so slightly eccentric beads/charms.

Pewter and Tibetan silver charms

Gorgeous apples and pears, juicy looking tiny strawberries, loads of citrus fruits and little bananas

If those look too healthy for your tastes, I’ll have a whole array of cakes and junk food too.

Beer and a burger, anyone?

And if you’re a crochet fan, don’t feel left out! I’m making some markers just for you too, using lobster clasps.


‘ll be bringing my tools along with me and it is no problem to swap from a ring to a clasp, or vice verse. Just ask!



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