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This is a Public Service Announcement (with guitars)

Oh, alright, there’s no guitars. But this is definitely an announcement.

Due to holiday stuff (as in, actually taking one!) the shop’s going to be closed from Monday night.  So if you’ve been musing a Christmas purchase and telling yourself you’ve plenty of time before the dreaded C looms down upon us, sorry! All orders need to be in by Monday, to give me time to pack and send them on Ruesday because after that I will be busy doing my scheduled pre-flight panicking chicken routine.

If you are after a custom order, you need to get those into me by Friday, as in this Friday the 2nd of November.That gives me time to make things up for you over the weekend and get them posted on Monday or Tuesday.

I know it’s the busiest time of the year and it’s probably a crazy time to be shutting up shop, but I’m going home to spend Christmas with my family! First time in ten years that all six of us kids will be at my parents’ place at the same time. I.Cannot.Wait.

I will still be in email and Twitter contact over the holiday period and I may even have a blog post or two up my sleeve. (Because what visit to my parents’ is complete without me spending hours swearing at the computer as I upload photos.) But I suspect my Mum may have either hidden or possibly burned her sewing machine in order to prevent me from sitting at it obsessively, like last time I went home. Heh.

I digress.

The shop will re-open on my return and our first show of the new year will be…..UNRAVEL! So very very excited. Alex and I went to the very first one of these as my birthday present a few years ago and it was lovely. I missed out on going with The Bothered Owl last year, due to being (extremely) large with child. So I am phenominally excited about being an exhibitor in 2012.

Consider yourselves informed! Now, I shall bustle about the rest of my business for the day. I have a very special needle envelope to cut out for a friend!


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