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An Ending and a Beginning

I do love a dramatic title. Basically I want to show you something I finished and something I’ve just started. But I’m going to be as melodramatic about it as possible. Because it’s my blog and I can. I have to get my kicks somehow.


Right. Esme’s Owlet jumper is all done.

Folded. I didn't knit half a jumper and pretend it was all done. Promise.

I finished it the other day and then she forced me to wash it in conditioner because  it was All Itchy.

Esme's just told me that she thinks they're bunny rabbits, not owls.

So I did that. And she agreed, grudgingly, to put it on again and model it so I could take a picture. And pronounced that it was Still Too Itchy.

This jumper's lame. And itchy. Whatever.

Secretly, I think she likes to taunt me by pretending she hates the things I make her. I got Orlaith to try it on too.

Proud to say I made the skirt as well.

Esme was very cross and said Orlaith can’t have her jumper. So she loves it really.

Interesting to see the jumper fitted on two totally different body shapes and sizes. It fits both of them reasonably well. Which gives me a slight dilemna with the one I’m making for Orlaith, as I could probably get away with making the same size as I’ve done for Esme. Better to make it slightly bigger though and get more than one season’s wear from it. These two grow like weeds.

This is the second one of these I’ve knitted and I have to say I like the pattern more and more. I’ve cast on for another for Orlaith, again in New Lanark yarn, in a lovely bright red which Orlaith chose for herself. She’s just given it a squeeze and says it is not too itchy, so here’s hoping at least one of these two will get worn. The Boy Owlet wears his all the time, but he is too small to voice his complaints coherently.

The other thing I want to show you is the beautiful shawl I cast on for the other day. It’s a Pumpkin Patch. 

I’m using some glorious Solstice Yarns‘ Moondust. Eleanor was kind enough to dye some skeins to match one that I’d just bought from her. So I present you

Circle Dance

It has the most wonderfully Autumnly harvesty shades of orange, red, brown. With the thread of Stellina running through it, it kind of feels like knitting Autumn leaves that have been touched with sunset. But, you know, really insanely soft and squishy Autumn leaves that you’d want to wrap yourself up in.

The two colours Eleanor dyed to match are called Paprika and Toasted Cinnamon.

I've just started blending in the Circle Dance, hence the little touches of red starting to creep in.

I love it. I wasn’t sure how I would go with striping it together, but it blends perfectly from one to the other so I’m not too worried about looking like Dennis the Menace when it’s finished.

I’m up to Chart C on the pattern already and really enjoying knitting it. This pattern pretty much walked off the stand at Fibre Flurry. I’m looking forward to finishing it and swishing around in it.

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