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I’m quite fond of my foldout envelopes. I use my own one (the  prototype) every day, I keep all my DPNs in it and a bunch of circular needles too.

I’m the kind of knitter that always has at least one emergency skein in their bag. Even if that skein (oh, alright, it’s usually two, sometimes three.) is not yet wound into a yarncake and I’m halfway through another project. What if I finish the project I’m working on and get stuck on the Tube or in traffic and the baby is asleep and I have nothing to doooooooo?

So I like to have every pair of double pointed needles and circulars that I could possibly need in a pinch, right there, in my bag. And I need them to be packed up small and tight. I have so much Mum Stuff in my bag that there’s not really a lot of room for my own stuff, so being able to fit my needles into such a small space is grand.

Anyway. I have been wanting to re-work the envelopes for a while because there was something missing from the design.  I couldn’t figure out how to make it work better. Until Emma got in touch and asked me whether I could make one with a zippered compartment for storing the keys and stoppers from her interchangeable needle set.

Bingo! That was what was missing!

It took me a bit of fiddling about to work out how to do it so it wouldn’t sag or add bulk or interfere with the lines of the design but here it is:

I think if I say the word pockets many more times I may break into song a la Dr Seuss. (Although ‘pocket’ is fairly hard to rhyme with. Rocket? Sprocket? Ta-pocketty-knocket? Oh dear Lord.)

In any case,this’ll be in the post in the morning and I may have to make a few more of these for Unravel.



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