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In Defence of My Profligacy

Slightly startled this morning by a knock at the door and a beaming delivery man with an armload of parcels for me. Mean delivery company, making people deliver things on a Sunday.

But the payoff is that I can show you the beautiful things I have bought for your delectation. And I can get started on cutting out a custom order I didn’t think I’d get to until mid-Week!

I’m trying hard to be good and not buy too much at the moment. I have a huge amount of fabric in the stash – mostly unphotographed too, which I will endeavour to rectify anon- and I don’t exactly need any new fabric but the fabric world moves pretty quickly with new designs and new trends coming out all the time.

Enough of my paltry attempts at justifying my pack rat fabric hoarding. I’ll make with the pretties now.

The first thing that caught my eye was this:

Owls in trees

I love this fabric. I love the slightly washed out ethereal colours. I love the little birds and the delicate tracery of the tree branches. It reminds me of one of my favourite Joan Aiken stories, The Land of Trees And Heroes.  It’s like a ghost orchard in the moonlight.

I was window shopping on Fabric Rehab when I was smitten by this one and once bitten by the fabric buying bug, it’s like a compulsion. I have to put things in my basket. It’s dreadful!

So it was inevitable that the next two items were going to ‘fall’ into my shopping basket.

Well met by moonlight, fair Owl-tania

Cute naive little owlybirds

I am a sucker for anything with owls on it. (It’s not narcissism, none of these owls look quite like me. ) And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last year or so, it’s that you lot feel much the same way. Bags with owls on tend not to stay in stock for long.

See, prudent, carefully planned out purchasing. I’m a good girl really.

And finally (see, restraint. I only bought four things. I’m practically a miser.) this:

Lime green, turquoise and purple ALPACAS.

Yes. Yes. Those are indeed alpacas. Al-freaking-pacas. How could I possibly NOT buy this fabric? There is pretty much no way this fabric could be more perfect. The alpacas are adorable and it’s all linen-y and oh, just so beautiful.

Vanessa (AKA Alpacaaddict AKA possibly my best customer of all time) has already ordered a couple of bags in it, so you’d best get your orders in if you want something because it won’t stay in my stash for long!

But that’s okay. I can always buy more.

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