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The Loneliness of The Long Distance Knitter

I try really hard to focus. I do. I lavish all my attention on a particular project and I tend to not be a knitter with millions of WIPs on the needles because that way madness lies. (Also with 3 small children, the chance of one of my beautiful precious WIPs having all the needles ripped out and the stitches unravelled becomes exponentially greater, the more WIPs they have to choose from.)

But I am just about to get on a plane and go away on holidays, away from my stash. My need for emergency holiday knitting choice trumps my need to keep my WIPs streamlined. But, oh dear, how do I choose what to take?

I am in the unusual (for me) position of actually having more than one project on the go at the moment. Horrors, I know. Having just declared myself a monogamous knitter, here I am revealing myself as being untrue to my one true project. Dreadful, but I have had such a case of start-itis.

So the first things in my bag are Orlaith’s owl jumper and a pair of mittens I just started for her. I made a pair for Esme (blog post on that is in the works, with a kind of ‘how to’ and everything!) and feel ridiculously guilty that poor Orlaith has been languishing in the desert of the unknitted for.

Then there is my Tubey. Poor poor Tubey. I finished it, not long after Esme was born actually. And then realised that having knitted it in lovely soft cotton meant that it stretched like lovely soft cotton. Not a good look on a jumper that is meant to be fitted and sexy, when it droops to your knees.

Truncated Tubey

She has languished for over a year in the bottom of my work basket as there was no way I was re-knitting her whilst shaped like an unusually bumpy egg. I figure there’s no harm taking her with me and knit 3 purl 1 ribbing is a delightfully relaxing stitch. I’m going to chuck in some waist shaping by dropping down a needle size for a bit and I’m hoping that might help with the whole ‘wearing an enormous shapeless sack’ look I had going on for a while there.

It's too orangey for crows...

And of course I am taking my Pumpkin Patch shawl.

It continues to grow apace, although it has been sadly neglected whilst I’ve been ill. I haven’t had the concentration it requires to knit anything more complicated than stocking or garter stitch over the last week or two, hence mittens. I continue to love the yarn/pattern combination A LOT. A knitting marriage made in a non-religiously specific idea of a perfect place.

So that’s all my guilty little WIP secrets in the suitcase. But what about when I finish those? Or findmyself at the mercy of knitterly ennui? I will be trapped in Australia with NO YARN STASH, oh dear lord, noooooo.


Fear not for my sanity, for as has been stated before I always have emergency stash with me. Whether it’s a traffic jam or a trip home to see the family, I am eternally prepared for woolly meltdowns.

A smattering of the emergency supplies I will be carrying with me for the inevitable moment when Zombie Armageddon breaks out and all the sheep get consumed by the ravening hordes of the undead:

Little soul, big world - Firefly themed Deeply Wicked

Intended to become a shawl to really show off the colours. I love this very much because I am a massive Firefly fan and Safe is one of my favourite episodes.

More Deeply Wicked and a gorgeous skein from Solstice Yarns

Not entirely sure what I want to do with these two yet. The Deeply Wicked was originally intended to become a River of Blood shawl but I am not irretrievably wedded to that idea yet. And the gorgeous, gothicky Solistice Yarns skein is sock yarn but I almost don’t want to ‘waste’ something so perfectly beautiful on my feet!

In addition I’m taking a bunch of leftovers that aren’t quite enough to make a whole adult pair of socks but which will do very well for simple stocking stitch socks for the kids, or even *gasp* odd socks for me. I am trying to acclimatise myself to the idea of deliberately knitting mismatched socks for myself. THis might be the way to do it.

This'll all fit in my suitcase, right? Easy peasy.

It’s totally normal to take this much stuff with me, right? Sure it is, fellow obsessive yarn addicts, sure it is.

Other things that will be in my suitcase:

Gothic cowgirl is in, baby. It's very hip, very now.

A girl can never have too many items of clothes covered in skellingtons.

I ran these up on Sunday/Monday (can’t quite remember which) because my answer to insane levels of stress is to retreat into crafting. The second one took me about an hour, possibly less. I can’t make a dress that fits me but I kick arse at skirts.

I am not even going to attempt to stash knitting or needles or even yarn in my plane bag because, well, this:

They call him the Yarn Stalker

Given the havoc he wreaks on my stash on a daily basis without being on a plane, I’m giving up before I even start.

But at least I know, when I get there, I will be one well equipped, suavely dressed knitter!

Actually, come to think of it, I might just see if I can squeeze in a few extra skeins. Just in case.

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