The Lightly Bronzed Elephant In The Room

So, I guess it’s high time I blogged about my trip home and so forth. I’ve been back for a little over a month and I keep meaning to write about it but I’ve been seriously lacking in anything even approaching motivation of late.

Must be the weather.

Why, yes, our snowman has a banana for a nose. What of it?

In any case, the trip home was wonderful. The flight out wasn’t too brutal, apart from Esme hurling on both planes. The kids didn’t get sick with any hideous bugs and got over the jetlag really quickly. And I spent the first two weeks on antibiotics with a chest infection, a lovely hangover from our months and months of chronic and recurrent illnesses in the Owl household. Deep joy resounding.

But it was just such a lovely time. I get to see my family only once every couple of years, due to the constraints of living in a different hemisphere so it’s a huge thing to be home at all, let alone over Christmas and New Year. It was the first time all six of us grown up kids have been in the same place in about ten years or so. Every time I’ve headed back in recent years, someone else has been away overseas so this was a real treat.

Watching the girls play with their cousins and bond with their aunts, uncle and grandparents was immensely precious.

And seeing Elias with my Mum and Dad was amazing. He really bonded with my Mum and would hold his arms out to her to be picked up.

Our Christmas was intense and very special, all 6 of us siblings and various offspring were there, we all cooked and cleaned and feasted together and it was a totally fabulous day.

Post Christmas, every one started to drift off and it was very hard to bid my various siblings farewell. It’s particularly difficult saying goodbye as I never know when we’ll next get the chance to all be in the same room together again.

We headed up to Queensland for New Year’s, to go see Alex and Scott for a Bothered Owl Reunion. The kids had a fab time , playing on the beach, going to Australia Zoo

and generally being spoiled rotten. And I had a chance to sit and have a cup of tea with Alex and catch up a bit.

New Year’s Eve was spent at a big family event down on Mooloolabah Beach. The main shopping area and the beach were cordoned off and they had food stalls, music, children’s acts, even a mini-Ferris Wheel.

We headed down early in the evening and the event culminated at 8.30pm with fireworks, let off from a boat just off the beach. They repeat the whole thing at midnight for the adults. The early part of the evening is totally alcohol free and very family friendly and then once the kids are all in bed, it’s a more grown up affair.

The best part of the evening was watching the girls playing with Jake on the beach.

We bought them each a light sabre and they had a blast, chasing him around and sword fighting with him, running in and out of the little waves at the edge of the water and shrieking with laughter.

A totally magical evening.

The last week of the trip went all too quickly and before we knew it, we were landing back at Heathrow.

I must say, none of us really felt much like coming home. Spending the first week or so in and out of hospital with Elias having picked up a nasty chest infection really didn’t help. He spent the first week home limp, moaning and miserable with a high fever that just wouldn’t break. Then both Orlaith and Esme got ill in quick succession and it really felt like we were back on the miserable merry go round again.

So I guess it’s not too surprising that I haven’t really felt much like writing or even like sewing. I’ve been taking things fairly easy, even with the build up for Unravel in a few weeks. I’m ticking on with custom orders, I’m doing a little stock building but it’s not the same urgent, hectic pace that it’s been in the past. Although I have been creeping back to the bad habit of keeping ridiculous hours. I’ve been doing a lot of knitting, a lot of cleaning and general tidying up of my ridiculously messy house and trying hard to focus on the kids, spending some time with Jake and so forth. It’s been nice. Seeing Jake with the kids, so relaxed and not in work mode has been wonderful.

And, that’s about it. I really must get to bed, it being 2am and all.




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One response to “The Lightly Bronzed Elephant In The Room

  1. Great post. I can’t believe you’ve been home for more than a month now. Scary how time flies, hey?

    We had a lovely time with you guys too. So nice to catch up and have hugs from everyone (well, except Jake…). When you guys left, it felt very final. I’m looking forward to when we next see each other – but let’s chat on the phone? Give me a ring sometime.

    And give those Owlets a big hug and a kiss from me and from Scott.

    xx Alex xx

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