Unravel Taster

Unravel is this weekend! I thought I’d give you a sneaky peek at some of what I’m working on at the moment and what I’ll have on offer at the show.

pretty, pretty hooky pouches!

These have been really popular. I should have 9 or 10 of them available.

I’ve also been restocking the sock pouches with some new owly fabrics. And others, obviously. But mostly gorgeous owls.

Sock it to me, baby

I’m making some rather lovely new giant pouches too.

Owls, owls, everywhere but not a drop to drink

Last but not least, I’ve been making some new longer length needle envelopes. I’ve made loads of these as custom orders lately and since it seems there is a demand for them, never let it be said I don’t listen!

Shiny robots

The new look envelopes can hold a longer length of DPNs as well as circular needles. They also have a handy little zippered pocket, tucked in behind the circular needle pockets, perfect for holding stoppers, cable needles, stitch markers, needle gauges… You get the picture.

Mouth watering juicy orange linings.

The new batch of lining fabric I got is awesome. Really nice crisp feel to it and the colours are as zingy as ever.

I’ve also been making stitch markers galore and there’ll be a wide range of those on offer as well. Haven’t had time to make up any of the other new designs buzzing in my head but who knows? Maybe between now and Friday I’ll get a chance to whip something up!




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