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Hold me

I’ve been working on this new design for ages and I’ve finally managed to make it work. It’s something I’d been thinking about trialing for a while and then my friend Amy emailed me out of the blue to ask if I thought I could make something similar. Synchronicity is a wondrous thing!

I don’t like making things in a vaccuum. It’s too easy for me to have an idea, make loads of them and then no one buys them and you’re saddled with stock that takes up space forever It’s a waste of resources interms of time and fabric. But when you get someone asking for something that chimes so perfectly with a design you’ve been mulling over in your head for months, it’s a good sign.

I set to with a pencil and paper and my implements of destruction and this morning I finally finished it.

Anyway, without further ado let me unveil my shiny new thing!

Sheepy sheep sheeepy!

Doesn’t look like much to get excited about at first. But wait! Let’s open up and seewhat lurks beneath that calm sheepy exterior.

Many pockets, that’s what! Have you guess what it’s for yet? The shiny clear vinyl pocket should give you a clue. NO?

Okay, it’s a pattern holder. Multiple pockets for holding pattern sheets, including a clear vinyl one so you can read your pattern while it’s inside the holder.

What's that? Onehandknits' Shepherd Book Shawl, you say? Why yes, I am knitting it at the moment. As you can see, through my lovely clear vinyl pocket.

The smaller pocket on the other side you can use for holding notions, spare needles, pens and what have you.

So there you have it, folks. It’s not perfect. I need to tweak it because I want the vinyl pocket to bebig enough to hold an unfolded A4 pattern. The pockets need fidling with a bit and I have a couple more shiny features to add before it’s ready to go on sale. But I am overall really pleased with how this is shaping up.

The prototype was intended as a gift for Amy but I’m going to make her another more perfect one to say thankyou!

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