Unravel Photo Round Up (and slight walk of shame)

Unravel was an unqualified and storming success again this year. One of the loveliest shows in the woolly calendar, the show was packed to its many and varied rafters with the most gorgoeus of yarns, arty works and all kinds of tempting wool based treats. And cake. Obviously.

We were so busy on both Saturday and Sunday that neither Anna nor myself got much of a chance to potter or take photos. I didn’t even get as far as the market hall. I did manage to sneak away and pay Jon and Roy a flying visit so Elias could wave at them, but apart from that and a brief visit to the Riverside Cafe to buy an apple, the rest of the weekend was spent chatting with happy visitors and eyeing their lovely yarn purchases.

That means that the only photos I can buy you off with are of our stand and of the inevitable purchases I made. (They were INEVITABLE, I tell you. Fate forced my hand.)

We had a lovely corner spot in the Tannery, right by the door to the Best in SHow displays. This worked out brilliantly for us. We had a table and a grand piano to use and when we arrived on Friday night we worked our collective backsides of to make best use of the space.

Anna used the grand piano and I used the table and between us, I think we created an open, inviting stand. We turned the table against the wall to open the space out and dressed both the table and the grand piano. We used boxes and baskets to create height and I also had the use of a really pretty shoe rack that Jake bought for me. Anna had bought some new dummies and I htink she dressed them beautifully.

Here’s a taste of what we created.

I did a quick round up of highlight moments from the Saturday but I have more to add.

1. Meeting some fellow Firefly fans (Browncoats) and having a chat about all things shiny. They turned out to know my friend Nicole from a couple of the London shindigs which was really funny.

2. Meeting some fellow obsessive Whovians! (Yes, yes I am a massive nerd. What of it?)

3. My version of Anna’s Pumpkin Patch shawl got picked from our stand to go and be shown off in the fashion show. So chuffed! If anyone happened to get any photos of that, I’d love to see them!

4. Chatting with our fellow stallholders. All such a lovely bunch, especially the lovely Sparkleduck

Speaking of Sparkleduck, I must share my purchases and own my yarny shame. I was fairly restrained, I thought. I only bought a few bits and only things I actually have plans for.


Beautiful purple and black Sparkle's Stripes from Sparkleduck.

This was the first thing that caught my eye. I always go and pet the Sparkleduck yarns at every show but this is the first time I’ve bought any, amazingly for me! It’s self striping in the most perfectly me-ish shades of purple and black. I love how it’s packaged with a pretty ribbon round the yarn cake.

I had planned that if I got a quiet five minutes on the stall I’d cast on for the Shepherd Book shawl so my next purchase is entirely justified.

Easy Knits, Big Boy in the most perfectly Book shade of grey.

Elias managed to knock the first hank off my shoulder when I started winding it into a ball and it got hopelessly tangled. Anna had a crack at untangling it and then it ended up getting sent down to the Sparkleduck stand where it was lovingly un-messified and wound into a beautiful cloud soft ball. (I gifted a set of stitch markers as a thank you very much!) I have yet to cast on for the shawl but I will, once I finish the various WIPs I have in my basket.

There was one more skein of Easy Knits which Elias chose but it’s buried in my bag somewhere at the moment so I can’t show you. He grabbed it off the rack and it matched his shirt nigh perfectly so, as you can see, it was fate.

And that, folks, was Unravel! If you swung by and visited us to say hi, took a card, bought something from us or just commented on the lenth of Elias’ eyelashes, thank you! We had an absolute ball and we can’t wait to see you all again next time.




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