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I’m struggling a little at the moment with frustrated creative energy!

We’ve spent the weekend setting the girls up in their new bedroom – which you’re not getting photos of as it is still incredibly messy and not yet finished. And then we moved our bookshelves downstairs, pulled all the bits off the dresser, which we’re planning to sell and did various other bits and bobs that hopefully will result in a much tidier house and a far better use of space.

Of course, in the short-term what it results in is a complete tip. Nothing’s finished, there’s stuff absolutely everywhere. Worst of all I can’t really get any work done due to my workspace being almost entirely covered in crap and the enormous guilt if I do pretty much anything other than work on tidying things up.

The photo doesn’t really begin to cover the chaos. It’s ‘orrible.

Combine that with the general predations of three small owls.

Doing what she does best. Reading a book and pulling a face like frog.

Add a healthy dose of being stuck inside due to rain and simmer gently. The result is that I’m fizzing and boiling with ideas and energy for making stuff and I have no time or space to do it in. Everything has to fit into the spaces between when you’re a mum and those spaces are infinitesimally small at the moment.

So it’s probably no surprise that I have a massive case of Start-itis.

Knitting is about all I can manage to do at the moment to release a little of the pent-up energy. I can do it on my lap while the baby dozes or while Orlaith reads me her reader. It’s easily put-down-able for those momAdd Pollents when Esme needs me to get up and dance around the room like a loon or wrestle her.

I used to be a steady headed monogamous knitter. Now I have 5, yes FIVE, projects on the go all at once. Admittedly only three were cast on recently. But still, five WIPs. Oh, the shame of it.

Want to experience my shame vicariously? Of course you do.

This is Shepherd Book. It’s one of Anna’s Firefly patterns and you can find it here. I’m taking my time with this one. There’s lots of moss and garter stitch to be done. It’s a very contemplative knit, which is appropriate really, given ithe inspiration. Stitch by stitch, it will get done.

I still haven’t finished Orlaith’s Owl Jumper:

I started this AGES ago, before Christmas in fact. I knitted one for Esme and Elias and then I just stalled on Orlaith’s. In fairness, there is an awful lot of stocking stitch to churn through! Maybe when I finish this next shawl?

I t looks a little bit like a Goth stingray, doesn’t it? But it is actually a supremely beautiful shawl. And loads of fun to knit too.

The pattern comes out with enormous dramatic holes and twisty bits everywhere.

It’s really magnificently brooding and gloomy! It looks a bit scrunchy as I’m knitting it but I’ve stretched it out to see what it might be like once blocked and it’s enormously elastic. I think this is going to grow and be marvellously drapey once done. I just have to concentrate and get it finished.

The next WIP is one I am really embarrassed about. I promised to knit a pair of socks for a friend’s husband back when it was officially Winter as he only had one wooolly pair and they were getting worn to bits. So I cast on and knitted most of the first sock with great vim and vigour.

And then I got distracted by preparing for Unravel and shiny yarn and new patterns and… well, this project has languished ever since, sealed in the darkness of a yarn pouch.

The pattern, which is lovely by the way, is Cauchy by Cookie A and can be found in Sock Innovation which is a rather fabulous book.

Finally, I cast on for these yesterday.

I joined the When Granny Knit Socks club from The Knitting Goddess and Coopknit as a Christmas/Birthday present to myself. I’m a MASSIVE Terry Pratchett fan – I started reading them in the early 1990s in high school as an escape from being miserable and bullied. And Esme is at least partly named for Granny Weatherwax.

Rincewind and The Luggage are two of my favourite characters. I love the descriptions of the Luggage’s many sets of little legs and its long red tongue. So I really couldn’t hold out from knitting these much longer and I needed a knitting pick me up yesterday!

The yarn is not actually the sock club yarn but a skein I picked up from The Natural Born Dyers. It’s got the most beautiful shades of brown in it and it just screamed that it wanted to be Luggage themed socks.

With a bit of luck – and some hard work- things should settle down a bit this week and I should be able to get back to my regular schedule of making. Let’s hope s because I don’t think it would be wise to start any more knitting projects!



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