Nobody knows where the time goes

It really doesn’t feel like a year since this happened.

The last twelve months has been amazing, wonderful, joyful, at times challenging, watching Elias grow from a tiny mewling helpless infant

into this hilarious, jolly, bold, thoughtful, snuggly little boy.

He’s slotted into our chaos perfectly, fitting in somewhere between the intensity of Esme

and the dreaminess of Orlaith.

They both adore him. They’ve had their moments of jealousy and anger as our family has settled into its new shape but on the whole they have been amazing.

As for Elias, he’s an absolute delight. He makes me laugh every day. He performs death defying climbing stunts – most recently climbing onto the girls’ chairs, standing up and letting go of the back of the chair, whilst holding a pencil in each hand. He loves to throw food. Everything from pasta to cheerios and toast. If he can reach it, it’s going on the floor.

He is inquisitive, cheeky, loving and beautiful.


It’s been a wonderful first year, here’s to many more.




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2 responses to “Nobody knows where the time goes

  1. What a lovely precis of a hectic year! Love it! x

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