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A post with some post

Want to see what my lovely postal worker brought me this week?

Of course you do.

A veritable avalanche of fabric goodies.

First up, my Spoonflower order has finally arrived. Oh, so very exciting.

Heh heh heh. Sorry. This fabric makes me cackle every time. Calamari Catastrophe! Very awesome.

I’ve also re-stocked soe of the Doctor Who fabric. I got a couple of new ones too.

Vitruvian Daleks, you say? Heck yes. The photo really doesn’t do justice to how fabulous this fabric is. It has a lovely sepia tint to it that hasn’t come out so well in the picture.

Human 2.0 any one? I haven’t quite forgiven the new Who for getting rid of cybermats. What can I say? I’m old school. But the Cybermen were always one of my favourite Whovian bad guys. The fabric is fantastic though.

Speaking of fantastic, it’s everyone’s favourite TIme Lord. No, really. It is actually every one’s favourite Time Lord. Each of the madman in a blue box’s various incarnations appears in this print, along with the TARDIS and various iterations of the sonic screwdriver. I love this.

Next up, some absolutely glorious sheepy fabrics!

How could I resist the sheepiness?

Next up, I have some London kitsch themed fabrics. Seemed appropriate with the upcoming un-nameable gigantic international sporting event and the Jubilee and so forth.

The rest are all re-stocks of fabric I’ve had before and loved.

So pleased to find some more of that rainbow sheep fabric. Everything is better with rainbow sheep on it. Totally worth the wait for it to get here.

I have a muliplicity of stuff I need to finish off, including a wholesale order. I have a bunch of zippered needle envelopes and pattern holders just waiting for me to get time to cut out their linings and put them together. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll get a chance to finish off some of the pieces I’ve got lying about so I can start carving up some of my new pretties, just in time for my next show…





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