Hold Me (Reprise)

Yesterday I was really grouchy. Full of ideas and inspiration with absolutely no time to implement them. I spent the whole day grumping and mooching, resenting my inability to do anything.

Today has been a total reversal of form. I was able to sit at my machine and work  while the kids played on the trampoline and built a den behind the curtains. And look what I came up with!

It’s a slimline, stripped back version of my pattern holder.

It’s a cross between an envelope and a needle roll.

On the inside, a clear vinyl pocket, wide enough to hold an A4 pattern laid flat.

The outer layer is made of gorgeous designer fabric in various prints. I added a flap across the top to make sure everything stays in place.

To close, fold the flap down and roll from the top towards the base. It secures with a loop of colourful elastic and a lovely wooden toggle.

I made four of these today, quite a contrast from yesterday’s frustration! They’re listed in the shop here.




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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for a “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award for helping me see what a creative blog looks like. See my blog for details. (handmadebyclairebear.com/2012/04/15/i-am-a-very-inspiring-blogger)

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