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I finished a few more of the new pattern organisers.

I love these boggle eyed owls.

I’ve taken to calling them Knit Traps cause you can fit so much stuff in there!


Incidentally, before anyone asks, the yarn shown in the pictures definitely does not come with the pattern organisers. It’s ALL MINE! To satisfy any yarnie curiousity though, the yarn in the photos comes from: Solstice Yarns, Knitting Goddess and Easy Knits. I have schemes afoot for most of it.

The patterns I used as props areĀ  from 7 Small Shawls To Knit. Each of the patterns in the booklet is inspired by one of the Pleiades. I’ve got the booklet and most of the shawls in it are fairly high in my queue. I seem to have been bitten very badly by the shawl knitting bug of late!

The pattern holders will be in the shop as soon as I can get onto Folksy and upload them. Probably tomorrow. I’ll be making more shortly, including a rather fabulous Bat symbol one.

Because you know that if the Dark Knight ever took up knitting he would have one of these stashed in his utility belt for those quiet moments imbetween random acts of ultra violence. It’s therapeutic. Plus, pointy sticks and string are handy for menacing bad guys.



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