All quiet

I’ve been quiet of late. Focussed on that other thing I do. You know, the bit of my life where I am the centre of three universes and all that.

I realised recently how rare it’s become that I get down on the floor and play with the kids. When they’re playing I’m usually snatching that time to make a few bags or cut out an order and although they’re busy constructing temples and cities out of blocks around my feet, my mind is elsewhere.

I’m with them but not really fully present with them, if you see what I mean.

In the last few weeks I’ve been constructing block cities, reading stories, teaching spellings and science and maths and more, bouncing on trampolines, drawing more pictures than I can count and generally not resenting time spent not crafting.

Elias’ first attempts at painting. More paint ingested than spread on the page.

My time with these tiny people is so fleeting and ephemeral. Watching Orlaith lose four of her front teeth in the last six months.

Taking Elias on his first trip to the park by himself.

Seeing Esme doing… Well, really awesome Esme stuff.

The time I spend with them is brief, I’m relishing it whilst I can.



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  1. Your children are adorable – well done for enjoying time with them.


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