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It’s something new!

Whilst I love sewing, sometimes it doesn’t feel very creative to be constantly making iterations of the same thing over and over. I love what I do, but repeating the same process ad infinitum gets a little tedious after a while.

So I’ve decided to have a go at something a bit different, namely resin casting.

To make a resin cast, you need some kind of mold to hold the liquid resin and you need the resin itself. Mix it up carefully, pour it in your mold, add your embellishments – in my case I’m trying a scrap of fabric with a skein of yarn on it. Leave it to dry for a couple of days and hey presto! A pendant.

That’s the ultra simplified version of how it works. The resin is a polyurethane epoxy compound, kind of like very sticky thick clear varnish. You have to ultra careful to work in a well ventillated area and wear gloves. Seriously.

You mix it up using the resin itself and a catalyst for hardening. Just like araldite or superglue, really, but in a bottle. The one I’m using today doesn’t smell but I wouldn’t want to use it in a closed in room.

I decided I wanted to have a crack at making a fabric and resin pendant so I bought a metal pendant bezel, kind of like a little tray. SLiced the fabric to the correct size, framing my image. Mixed and poured and voila!

You have to be careful about dust and you have to blow on the surface very gently to break up any bubbles that may have formed. I had to press the fabric down with a stirring stick to break up a couple of air bubbles that formed underneath the fabric. The heat of my breath seemed to be enough to cause the bubbles to rise to the surface and break.

It has to stand still for a couple of days to cure properly but so far so good.

If it turns out well, I’m planning on making some for the shop. And I also have some plans to experiment with making my own molds to make things like pendants with found objects inside.

If you want to have a try at it yourself, I got the resin and equipment I used from here. It was reasonably priced and arrived within a couple of days of ordering. They also have some lovely looking molds and there are people on Etsy who make silicon molds for rings, bangles and all sorts of fabulous things.

There are some ace tutorials out there as well so have a quick google and you’ll find something to suit your learning style. Lots of good step by steps with photos and videos.

I’m quite looking forward to playing around with it all and maybe when I get the hang of it, I might even try out some of the colouring gels and powders. It’s quite nice trying out something that feels a bit more creative!

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