Sneaky peek number two for what will be on offer at Fibre East this weekend is a bundle of bags.

Hooky pouches

Many hooky pouches.

A smattering of sock pouches

These are just a few of the sock pouches I’ll have on the stand. My favourite is the black and white one with the little buildings.

The little umbrellas on this pouch seem sadly appropriate for the summer thus far.

Geek fabulous!

I’ll have a small selection of fabulous Geek-ware to show off. Doctor Who, of course but also Firefly, Star Trek and one very fantastic Pacman bag. I have more Who and Star Trek fabric in the stash but I wasn’t sure how many of my Geek sisters and brethren would be in attendance this weekend so I went a little light on that side.

And finally, the Giant pouches.

That witch is all legs. I love that fabric, the women in the pictures are just so unabashedly and blatantly sexy!


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