Slightly shorter preview this time and I promise this will be the last of my photo spamming before Friday. Possibly.

So here are the zippered needle envelopes.

These all but sold out at Unravel. I’ll have ten of these plus the non-zippered variety and some DPN envelopes on the stand as well. And my adjustable needle rolls too. But they are not all shiny and brand spanking new like these so you’ll have to come visit the stand if you want to grab a peek at those.

And of course I will have shiny pattern storage.

Pattern organisers

I’m rather chuffed with the Batman one. Well, Im chuffed with all of them but I do love me some Batman.

These are sodding difficult to photograph because a) they’re enormous when unfolded and b) the vinyl causes ridiculous amounts of light flare even without flash. So please forgive if the photos are not all they could be!

Pattern rolls

Love those Anime ladies!

This will be the first show for these babies, I really hope people will like them as much as I do. I use my organiser all the time, even to carry a project in.

As ever I will have enormous amounts of stitch markers on the stand and Anna has been working on some lovely new things too, including some absolutely mouthwatering kits for some of her patterns. I’ve got my eye on at least one of those!

So, in summary, Fibre East. This weekend. Many shiny things. Come, look at the shiny objects and say hello!

The Folksy shop will be closed from Thursday night onwards but if you’re coming to the show and something has caught your eye, drop me an email. I’m happy to put stuff aside for you to collect on the day and so on.

See you on Saturday!


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