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Slightly Sinister?

Got an unusual request today. Well, unusual for some people, fairly run of the mill around here.

Esme’s best friend in the entire world, Sacha, is off to big school in September. And it’s her last day at preschool tomorrow. Esme is panicking about this somewhat and is afraid that Sash will forget about her when they don’t see each other every day. She is totally heartbroken and she begged me to make a special present for Sacha so she will remember her.

A pirate princess doll. To be made today, right now, this afternoon, for tomorrow.


Dutifully I set to work. Dug through my stash of its and bits. The fabric had to be just right. I chose some bits of Japanese gingham I’ve had kicking around for a while for the body. They’re gorgeous but they are small pieces, not big enough for a bag or anything and I’ve been hunting for the right project. Perfect for a slightly offbeat ragdoll!


Next she needed clothes, so that meant a trip to the enormous box of fabric leftovers. I wanted her to be as colourful as possible so I chose lots of different fabrics.

I decided on buttons for the eyes but I had to embroider the mouth which was a bit of a hairy process. I’m not confident at embroidery, let us say.

I added some yellow yarn for the hair. A handstitched pirate tricorn. Et voila!

I’m under instructions that I have to make one for both Orlaith and Esme this afternoon as well. So hopefully Sacha will like her too. Unlike Jake who decided she was somewhat sinister and creepy.

Well, maybe a bit.


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