Pour it on

I’ve been carrying on with my experiments in resin pouring and here are the second set of finished pieces.

Ahhhh, Babushka, Babushka, ai yiiiiiii

The owl and the… skully thing went to sea in some beautiful clear clear resin.

Rainbow sheep. Baaa.

These were the ones that came out best. I lost a couple to air bubbles and a rogue fabric edge that pushed itself up through the resin over night. Particularly annoying as it was a really cute little yellow sheep.

And here are the results of my third bout of pouring. I made these up this afternoon so they’re still curing. I quite like the effect of the round bezel but they’re a right bugger to cut out neatly and accurately. These took me a couple of hours of framing, tracing, cutting and re-cutting before I even got to the resin mixing stage.

I went for a slightly more eclectic and creepy feel this time. So we have a Frog Prince, a lovely purple skull, a bat, a toadstool, eyeball and a dancing skeleton. I’m particularly fond of the eyeball.

Unfortunately I had another four which I just couldn’t get the bubbles out of.

Golden Apples of the Hesperides

You can see them here. They’re only tiny but they’re bloody stubborn and my breath alone won’t shift them.

I’ve caved in and bought myself a heat tool . I figure that I’m enjoying making these so much and it would be a shame not to be able to sell what I’m making.

I need to work out what I want to string them on – very tempted to make some black velvet choker bands for that last batch – and then I might even list some of them in the shop.





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2 responses to “Pour it on

  1. Frances Grant

    You amaze me with your creative endeavors, this is the first time I have checked your web site. Guess who? see you on the 12th of Oct, Love Mumsy.xx

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