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Beans, Beans, Everywhere

I’ve been really lacklustre about everything crafty – apart from knitting- of late. Partly a summer holidays – spending time with the kids thing. Partly a general ennui and sense of resentment at forcing myself to do something I really do love doing. So I had a bit of a break and I’m ready to get going again.

So I thought I’d start with something completely different, to really give myself a kick in the seat of the pants and get myself excited about sewing again.

What better than something fabulously useful like a beanbag?

This project sprang into being on Sunday, after a trip to Esme’s best friend in teh whole world EVAR’s house. Sacha has an amazing beanbag that a family friend made for her and it just happened to be in the same Ikea fabric I bought ages ago for this project. Sadly, the chairs have long since gone as one of the kids ripped a finger on them. But the fabric remained, untouched in the cupboard, bereft of a purpose.

Esme was so excited that Sach had the same fabric as her, so when we came home we started looking for tutorials. We found a couple of good ones but eventually we settled on this one. I went with the child’s version but I have plans to have a crack at making a grown up sized one for me.

It took me about an hour or so to make a pattern template and cut out pieces for two beanbags. I ran out of fabric halfway through cutting out the inner bag for Orlaith’s beanbag and had to order some more.

Sewing the pieces together didn’t take long and I modified mine to use a zipper rather than velcro to close it.

I ordered my beans from here and I’m pretty impressed. I only ordered on Sunday and they arrived this morning.

I didn’t know quite how much I’d need so I bought 20 cubic feet. I’ve used about 3/4 of the first bag to fill the first one so I’m quite glad I bought as much as I did.

Here’s the finished bag, 3/4 full.

I had to top it up when Esme came home, she was most insistent about it.

I think she likes it!

I’ve promised Preschool that I’ll knock up a few of these for them as well so I may be sick and tired of them by the time I’ve finished. But for now I am feeling the crafty love again and that’s all that matters!

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