There is the loveliest chill in the air, hinting that the season is on the turn. I love this time of year, the crispness of the air, the leaves turning, things starting to slow and settle down for the coming Winter. Autumn and Spring are definitely my two favourite seasons.

But Summer has been pretty good too this year. Okay, the weather was a bit miserable in places and we didn’t spend much time in the park. But we had a brilliant time hanging out together.

We read stories.

Made stuff.

Climbed stuff.

Some of us with more enthusiasm than others. (I have a wicked fear of heights and that rope bridge was bloody ricketty. I didn’t hyperventilate. I did well.)

We swung.

We slid.

We rested and we grew.

We even tried out family camping for the first time and we enjoyed it so much we’ll be doing it again next year.

Mostly we’ve just enjoyed each other’s company.

I sometimes feel like since Orlaith went to school I don’t stop and just enjoy her  as much as I used to. There’s always an agenda and an urgency to the time we spend together, Getting Stuff Done for school. So it was wonderful to just be with her.


And now it’s back to school and settling in for the Winter. Wondering what changes this new season will bring with it. Looking forward to where we go next. Following where the seasons lead us. Resting and growing.



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