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New fabric

I’ve been on a bit of a fabric bender. I’ve been very restrained the last few months and hadn’t bought any fabric at all, trying to work my way through my stash. With some success, I might add. I’ve worked my way through a fair amount of the ridiculous mountain of textiles I own. Obviously I still have a ludicrously large stash left. I like a bit of a buffer.

Anyway, I am rather excited about the extremely shiny parcel that arrived from Spoonflower this morning and I have to share it.

More TARDISes. Obviously. It would be rude not to.

Kawaii little yarn balls. How adorable are these little guys?

I am so insanely excited about this fabric. Just look at it! All the doctors. And look at Number Four, hiding in his lovely scarf. Makes me want to eat jelly babies just looking at it.

This one is the cream of the crop though. It’s the perfect yarnstorming fabric. I can’t wait to make this up into bags.

This last one isn’t from Spoonflower but it is rather fabulous nonetheless.

I know it looks like a rather modest bender but that’s mostly because the rest of the stuff I’ve ordered has yet to arrive. I’m sure I’ll be flailing and bothering you all about it when it does!


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