Season of Mists

There are things I love about all the seasons but I definitely think Autumn is my favourite.

I love the crispness of the air and the way it’s just a bit too coool to go out without a shawl or cardigan yet not quite cold enough for a coat. I love how my kids shriek with glee when they find acorns and ‘clonkers’ when we’re out for a walk. (Although I could probably do without the bulging pocketloads of conkers they drag home with them. Esme’s like a squirrel with those things. I’ve no idea what she thinks she’s going to do with them once she gets them home.)

I like the very faint smell of woodsmoke you sometimes catch in the air and I like the way the sky starts to get a thin, stretched look to it.

The trees are magnificent, not yet the sparse straggly bones of Winter. And squirrels! As an antipodean, I don’t think I will ever get bored of squirrels (or snow, for that matter. I love snow.)

In any case, I went truffle hunting on Folksy to see what I could find with an autumnal theme and I made a Pin board on that there Pinterest thingy which you can find here: Season of Mists. All images on the board link to the shops of the individual artists/makers.
Just in case, like me you find the lure of Autumn completely irresistible.

I think the thing I find most appealing about Autumn is that I finally match the season with my penchant for snuggling inside with a craft project on my lap or a book.

I’m off to go finish sewing the quilt I’m working on and carry on knitting my current shawl project.  Mellow fruitfulness indeed.




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