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A custom order, new stitch marker options and a word about customer service

It’s been a bit quiet on the sewing front around here so I thought I’d share a custom order I just finished.

I’ve been wanting to play around with the needle roll pattern to make a kind of needle book for a while now but I haven’t really had time to do it justice. Another knitting aquaintance, Annie, asked me to make her a couple of matching needle storage items and one of them matched up with the modified needle roll I had in mind.

It took me a while, playing around with measurements and shapes, fiddling to make the sizes of the different pockets fit the size and shape of the space I had available but I found a way to do it. It meant I ended up with a couple of extra pockets but I managed to make the seam lines work in such a way that the pockets work.

Oooh, err, Missus.

There are four sets of pockets, layered one behind the other and tiered at different levels. There are different widths of pockets as well, all designed to fit Annie’s 10 inch DPNs.

The whole thing folds over at the top and rolls up to secure around the middle with agorgeous brightly coloured elastic and beautiful wooden toggle.

To match Annie asked for a folding needle envelope to hold 5 inch DPNs. I added a zipper to the mix as well.

Annie’s swinging by in the morning to collect them and I really hope she’ll be pleased.

I haven’t been doing a huge amount of work on the shop of late but I spent this evening updating the selection of stitch markers available. I’ve got loads more I need to add but you can find a veritable cornucpoia of fruity goodness in the shop, including an option for mix and match fruit markers.

Mix and Match fruity markers

I spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out what each different type of fruit was supposed to be and in the end just went with Mystery Fruits. I love them! They’re so zingy.

Finally a word or two on customer service.

I’ve had three different parcels have issues at the postal end this week.

Two of them were issues with insufficient postage. The source of the error is immaterial, it’s absolutely unacceptable that my customers should have to pay extra when they have already paid me. So I refunded the postage immediately for each customer without quibble or question.

The third was a missing package containing a gorgeous hooky pouch and some cute trainer stitch markers. Unfortunately the pouch was the last one of its kind so once it became clear that the package had vanished, I offered to make a replacement for the customer in the fabric of her choice.

Customer service is essential, especially for a small business like mine. When people buy from someone on the internet it’s a contract of trust that you will both behave honestly and transparently and it’s vital that my customers are able to trust me to take care of their needs.

So Clare, your replacement items will be in the post tomorrow and I hope they arrive safe and sound this time.

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