‘Tis the season

No, not that season. I am of course talking about Halloween, since it is looming on the horizon like a big dark looming thing.

The last couple of years the kids have really started to get into the idea of dressing up, aided by the influence of school discos, preschool spooky parties and the unavoidable Scooby Doo. (I loathe Scooby Doo and always have. The kids are obsessed with it. It’s one of those Parent Things that you must put up with. But I still hate that stupid dog and those meddling kids with the flame of a thousand suns.)

The other year they both dressed up as witches and I spent an entire weekend -badly- appliqueing eyeballs onto elastic waisted skirts and felt witch hats. They carried on wearing the skitrs as normal clothes so it was actually time well spent in the end. Other times Orlaith has asked for a vampire cloak or a white sheet with some holes in it. Bingo! That’s like the crafty parent with little time’s dream costume. Pretty much no sewing whatsoever involved. Stick a stake in it, we’re done.

This year though, inspired by the utter amazingness of this dress on Indietutes Esme asked to be dressed as a Vampire Princess. For once this is a princess related costume request I can get right behind.

I am not going to pretend that this costume did not result in HOURS of me swearing, pricking my fingers, breaking gathering elastic, sewing no less than three different versions of the bodice and four different sleeves before it was finished. I used up most of a metre of black and red polka dot fabric before I got the bodice right which annoys me no end.

But I finished it this morning and although it’s not perfect – the sleeves are not puffy enough, the bodice is slightly gapy at the back and the skirt is nowhere near full enough – it’s pretty bloody good.

Not quite sure what’s going on there with her various monster faces and poses. Like most things my daughter does, I’m explaining it with the usual catch all phrase “She’s four”. In any case I think I must have done okay because she grinned at me and then immediately demanded I make her a petticoat to puff the skirt out. I am not going to tell you the reply she got.

So, Esme seems to have gotten the hang of Halloween. Not entirely sure Orlaith is quite there though. I asked her what costume she wanted this morning and she thought about it and said she wanted to go as the Ghost of Shakespeare.


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