Yet more new fabric

I tried to come up with a fancy or amusing title but really this post is exactly what it says up there at the top: an opportunity to show off the shiny new textile goodness that popped through my door today.

I’m a sucker for Scandinavian style prints and these were just completely irresistable. I love the acorns and those slightly off-kilter leaves are just wonderful. There’s a lot of beautiful city-themed fabrics out at the moment and I had to add these ones to my stash. I love the juicy colours and I think they’ll really look great on bags.

Speaking of juicy colours, how great are these teapots? I love the curve of them, they look like you could just grab them right off the fabric.

I can never resist a skull print and this is an old favourite of mine. I used to have some of this on a black background and I used it to make a gorgoeus dress for Orlaith. Esme now wears it.

Speaking of old favourites, I also managed to find a piece of this:

I have a skirt in this fabric. It’s another perennial favourite and it’s always nice to find some for sale.

And finally how cute are these little witchy ladies?

Their hair is just so lovely! And I love the venus flytraps.

I’ve still got another order of Spoonflower gorgeousness to come but that won’t be here for another wek or two. In the mean time, I’ve had a chance to cut up and sew a couple of pouches from that fabulous new Doctor Who print I got the other day.

You can find them here in a new section of my shop, Geeky Knitters.

I figured that since I stock an awful lot of geeky fabrics it was probably about time I created our own little section, purely for shiny fabrics that might appeal to those of us who enjoy our Sci Fi and fantasy just that little bit too much more than the average bear.




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2 responses to “Yet more new fabric

  1. Britt

    Who’s the designer of the top fabrics? I love them all!

    • They’re from different collections. The acorn shapes and leaves are from a collection called “Mod Century” by a designer called Jenn Ski.
      I *think* the gorgeous juicy houses are by a designer called Suzy Ultman. They’re certainly very similar to some of her other designs. Unfortunately the website I bought the fabric from has sold out of that one, so I couldn’t find it to check the details for you for certain.

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