Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

You may have seen my new ad on Ravelry. I decided that since I make tons of geeky bags it made sense to point this out to the bag hungry hordes of Ravelry.

I may have underestimated how much you guys like geeky fabrics as I now only have a couple left!

Never fear, I have bravely spent the last two days cutting out geek fabrics galore.

All ironed and interfaced, linings cut, just waiting to be stitched up and uploaded. That pile represents: 12 sock pouches, 6 pattern rolls, 4 large pouches and 1 giant. Should keep me busy for a while as I’ve also still got a huge pile of needle envelopes to finish as well.

If that’s not enough, I decided it would be a brilliant plan to sign up for Ladywell Christmas Market. So I’m making some special things just for that!
I thought I’d show you a sneaky peek of a couple of things I made today that I’m rather pleased with. Haven’t quite decided what they’ll become as yet. Either tote bags or framed fabric pictures, I think.

Little patchwork applique houses on a calico background. Found some pretty buttons from the stash to add as doorknobs.

I think these turned out okay. They’re actually quite hard to photograph as the colours and textures don’t come out so well. (Or rather I am really not terribly good at photography and thus struggle to capture the colours and textures adequately.) I shall be making a few more and either turning them into kid friendly totes or mounting them in boxframes.

Either way, they’ll be on the stall in December along with the usual cornucopia of shiny things. Made extra shiny, I should add, by the fact that I will be joined by my good friend Emma of The 39 Stitches with her beautiful wares.

And now I must away and start working my way through the vast mountain of fabric piled beside my sewing machine! Good times.



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