Covet the Precious Things of the Shop

(Apologies for the title, I’ve been watching the first season of League of Gentlemen and I have a soft spot for poor old Tubbs.)

Preparations for Ladywell Christmas Market continues apace. Thought I’d show you a few bits I finished this afternoon.

Buttony brooches.

These are quite fun to make. I’m enjoying playing around with stacking the buttons. They make a wonderful clicky-clacky sound when they move. I’m having fun playing with colours too. I might make some with longer strings of buttons as well. And I will almost certainly make some fruit salad ones. Nice little stocking filler or Secret Santa presents, I think.

Then there are lots of cute teacup earrings.

Mmmm, milky.

I’ll have coffee cups too. These are in a variety of colours and patterns. The love hearts are one of my favourites. All the ear wires are hypoallergenic and silver plated.

I’ve been making some bracelets as well.

Gardener’s Question Time

I’m using a mixture of charms for them. The gardening one above uses Tibetan silver charms mixed with little plastic flowers and glass beads.

You doughnut!


Hot chocolate to warm your heart

Any one for tea?

I’m making loads more and I have some rings and cufflinks planned as well.

Plus lots of fabric stuff but more on that anon. I’m in the middle of sourcing some nice shadow box frames for the mixed textile pictures I’m working on.

Ladywell Christmas Market will be happening on the 15th December, from 11am until 5pm right by Ladywell Train Station. Do come along and say high and check out the precious things in person. It’s a lovely market and always good fun.

And now, if you will excuse me I have more precious things to make. Chop, chop!



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