Even with sick kids coming out of my ears, I’ve still managed to snatch a few hours here and there at the sewing machine and I thought I’d give you a little peek at some of what I’ll have at Unravel next week. I’m still in the process of making more of everything so this really is just a tiny taster:

DSC03584 I’ve got a bunch of Spinderella bags on the go, plus more needle envelopes and pattern organisers.  Plenty of yarn pouches in sizes various too. The ones pictured above are my Giant pouches.


Cunning, ain’t they?

Doctor Who scarves, Jayne hats and the Biggest Damn Heroes in the ‘Verse are just a few of the marvellously geeky wares I shall have on the stall next week. I’ve not put any of this lot in the shop as yet so you shall have to wait for Unravel to get your paws on these.

If you’re coming along to Unravel and you particularly like any of the items in the shop (or in this post for that matter) you can always drop me an email and reserve things. And of course, as always, custom orders are no object whatsoever.

And now back to work I go. No rest for the etcetera.


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