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Unravel Preview Number Three

Stitch marker heaven.

I’ve worked my way through pretty much every pin, closed loop and jump ring I’ve got and topped up my stash of markers with some new treats, as well as the old favourites.


I’ve got the usual plethora of miniature marvels like fruit slives, cake, tea cups, tea pots and fast food.

I found some fab new cupcakes and truffles though:

DSC03683 DSC03684 DSC03686

Crocheters, do please come and see us as I’ve got plenty of fab markers for you too. Lobster clasps galore.

I got some lovely different coloured skulls too:

DSC03688 And more matryoshkas and owls in different colours.

DSC03690 DSC03692

And that is that for Unravel.

This is always a weird time, waiting to go set up and do a show. Months of work and planning and then just sitting here waiting and it will all be over in three days time and I’ll start the process again for the next show. (Fibre East, in case you’re wondering!)

It should be a lovely couple of days though. In addition to all my stuff, Anna (onehandknits) will have all her lovely patterns – and I believe she will have quite a few new ones to show off too. I’ve seen a couple of the shawls she’ll be selling in person and they are truly stunning. Plus I know she’s going to have some gorgeous kits – a pattern plus the most FABULOUS yarn.  The stall is going to be both festooned and bedecked in amazing loveliness so do please come and say hi, check out our wares in person and generally join in the fun.

For now though, I shall sit, wait and try to finish knitting a very special pair of flaming orange socks to wear this weekend. I think I’ve earned a quiet evening off!


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