Unravel Preview Number Two

Next up needle and pattern organisation.

DSC03655 The pattern rolls are proving quite popular. They’re so handy – they take up very little space and they do a great job of storing your pattern pages. The clear vinyl pocket is slightly bigger than A4 size so you can slide your pattern in and out easily. I’ve made them in a nice variety of fabrics, so as usual there should be something here to suit most people.

DSC03650 DSC03653These are my pattern organisers. They’re like the Rolls Royce of pattern protectors. They have the same A4 vinyl pocket on the inside but they also have two A4 fabric pockets and a zippered compartment so you can store extra bits like darning needles, pens, or what have you. I use mine all the time. I even transport knitting projects in it before they get too big.

Onto needle storage we go.

DSC03657 I’ve got different kinds of needle envelopes. These are the fanciest! These are my zippered foldout needle envelopes. They have a zippered pocket, pockets for circular needles and for different lengths of DPNs. They fold up neatly and fit in your bag so you can carry all your spare bits and bobs without losing them in your bag or damaging them.

DSC03665 These are a smaller version of the zippered envelopes. They have pockets for circulars and 6 inch DPNs and they close with a velcro tab.

DSC03661 DSC03663

These are envelopes for DPNs or crochet hooks. They will fit 6 inch DPNs.

The last fabric items I’ll be selling this weekend are my adjustable needle rolls. These are made to fit circular needles, straight needles and DPNs.

DSC03669DSC03671 DSC03673 DSC03675 DSC03677

You can adjust the size of the roll by folding the flap a little more or a little less. I’ve got these in a wide selection of fabrics but as they’ve all been freshly pressed I don’t want to fold them up to photograph them.

There’ll be plenty to choose from and the stall should be very colourful!

Next post: stitch markers.




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