Unravel Preview One

I’ve run out of pep and run out of bag stoppers at the same time so I’m all done with sewing for Unravel. Thought you might like to see some of the bits I’ve got ready for this weekend.

Let us begin with bags!

Hooky Pouches

Hooky Pouches

A cluster of hooky pouches. Particularly pleased with the Tom Baker Dr Who scarves and the Jayne hats!

DSC03602DSC03603 DSC03606 DSC03610

The bags above are all Giant Pouches. I’ve got a dozen of them. There would be a baker’s dozen but I ran out of puff. If I find a little more time, I have one more gorgeously sheepy giant pouch left to sew.

Up next: Large Pouches.

DSC03614 DSC03615 DSC03617 DSC03619 DSC03621 DSC03624

Now these I do have a baker’s dozen of! I totally love the Jayne hat fabric but my second favourite has to be the cassette tapes. I really love them.

Sock knitters and people who love smaller projects do not despair. I have a whole heap of pouches just for you. Viz:

DSC03638 DSC03637 DSC03635 DSC03633 DSC03630 DSC03626 DSC03627

I like to have a good variety of fabrics for you all to choose from and I think I can safely say that I’ve achieved my goal this time.

Oh and for those of you who spin or just like REALLY enormous padded bags, there are a few Spinderellas:

DSC03640 DSC03642 DSC03645 DSC03647 DSC03649

If you think that’s a heck of a lot of sewing, you’d be right. And that’s just the bags! The camera ran out of batteries before I could photograph the pattern holders, needle rolls or envelopes. Let alone the stitch markers. I’ll be doing those next!

If you’re coming along this weekend and you want to reserve anything specific, just drop me a comment or an email.




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10 responses to “Unravel Preview One

  1. Omg! Could you reserve the Star Trek large pouch for Miss Elle please?!?! Am a huge Trek fan eeee!

  2. Hi I bought a pattern holder in the tardis fabric from Folksy and I see you have a matching large pouch, I will be at Unravel both days can you reserve it for me?

  3. Hi Sally!
    Where is Unravel going to be?

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