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A Post-Post Post

I got an enormous parcel of fabric from Spoonflower through my door this morning. This was in no way unexpected as I’d gotten a customs & excise notice a few days ago for an eye watering sum of money to ransom my shiny goods. I knew my fabric couldn’t be far behind and it arrived first thing as I lay snoring. I must have given the postie a bit of a fright when I opened the door, bleary eyed and with all my hair standing out around my head, Shepherd Book style.

I got mail?

Excitement at the giant parcel overcame my sleepiness and I tore it open to discover the pretties I shall now reveal to you!

DSC04001 DSC04002 DSC04003 DSC04004 DSC04005 DSC04007 DSC04008 DSC04009

I think I managed to get a little bit of all my favourite geekiness in there – apart from the Star Trek stuff. That’s totally just for you guys as I’ve never really gotten into it. (I know, I know, I should hand in my geek ID card right now and get my coat. What can I say? It’s always left me cold.)

I’m particularly excited by the Firefly stuff. That Serenity print is gorgeous. And Vera! Who doesn’t love Vera.

I’ve got a metre of each of these to play with.  Unfortunately the cost of customs on top of the cost of actually getting hold of the fabric itself may become prohibitive, so I’m not sure when or if I’ll be buying any more. If you have something in mind that you’d like made, do get in touch.

And now I must dash as I have to take Orlaith to the doctor to get a case of chicken pox confirmed. The travails of parenthood. I will endeavour to tame my hair before I leave the house though. Frightening the postie at the front door is one thing but I fear if I leave the house as is, I will leave a trail of car crashes behind me.



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