Dribs and Drabs

I’ve been neglecting the blog – and the business- shamefully. It’s become something of a pattern of late. I’ve not been feeling terribly inspired to blog or make things to share, if I’m honest. Plus the kids have all been ill with chicken pox and I’ve been playing the role of Chief Plague Nurse Barbie which leaves me with little to no time to do anything. When I have had any free time, it’s been spent finishing off other projects or reading comics. I feel a little like Bilbo Baggins at times, like butter scraped thin over too much bread.

But the kids are all better now and the weather’s improving which always cheers me up.  I finished a couple of things, including a gift for a dear friend. I even sat at the machine the other week and made some Japanese Knot bags which I’m really pleased with. They have a very organic feel to them – in the sense of natural and living, rather than grown without pesticides. I think it’s the strap, something about the curve of it and the way it grows out of the rest of the bag.

Anyway, I’m really pleased with them and it was nice to make something a little different from my usual designs.

And today I got a chance to sit down and stitch up a custom order, which has turned out quite nicely:

2013-05-05_14-24-55_222 2013-05-05_14-25-17_976 2013-05-05_14-25-56_671 2013-05-05_14-26-14_719 2013-05-05_14-26-30_550 Took me ages to get the pocket stitching just right. I wanted to tier them but also to offset the different sizes. There are pockets at the back for straight needles or even long DPNs and the front pockets are for circulars. You can even fit them in in their packaging if you want.

I ran out of blue and silver elastic so I had to go with plain white but I think it goes well and the darker wood toggle suits the fabric. It brings out the Doctor’s eyes!

Both the girls are heading back to school this week – Orlaith had her first week back post-pox last week and Esme joins her on Tuesday – so I guess it remains to be seen whether I suddenly find a burst of inspiration and find myself sewing like a mad thing or not.

I think part of the problem is that sewing used to be my hobby and for the last 4 and a half years it’s been my job which tends to suck the fun and joy out of it. It’s one thing making a bunch of bags or kids’ clothes because you want to. It’s quite another to be doing it because you feel obliged to. Yet another reason why I have never had any desire to take up selling knitted items!

Anyway, I did enjoy making these couple of items. Partly because they were slightly different designs to my usual fare and partly because it was nice to be doing something that wasn’t related to wiping fevered brows or dabbing on calamine lotion. As to whether that delight lasts, only time will tell!



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