Mostly this blog seems to be about missing things lately: apologising for the lack of entries, deploring lack of time or my lack of focus.

This time after a disgraceful period of silence, it’s about missing something else: I am not going to be at Fibre East at the end of the month.

My stuff will be there. Anna and her BEAUTIFUL patterns and knitting kits and absolutely scrumptious little baby Alex will be there. But there will be a space on the stand which should be filled by me and I will, instead, be on the other side of the planet.

My reasons for not being at the show in person are something else that can remain missing for now, at least in detail. Suffice to say there’s a family emergency and I need to go and be over there with my parents and siblings and so on. It’s not an easy decision to take – I can’t take the girls with me because of school and so forth so it’s just me and Elias going. It’ll be the first time we’ve really ever been apart from each other for more than a day or two. But Jake will be here and I have to go.

In any case: I will be missing for the next little while but you can definitely still see (and buy) my wares at Fibre East. So go, say hi to Anna and Baby Alex and squish some yarn for me and hopefully it will more than make up for what’s not there!



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